Wah Low Pass

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Parameter Range Default
Page 1/3
Manual 0.0 to +10.0 +3.4
Peak 0.0 to +10.0 +7.5
Pedal Range -100% to +100% +31%
Peak Range -100% to +100% -43%
Page 2/3
Pedal Mode Off, Touch, On, Bypass @ Stop, Bypass @ Heel, Bypass @ Toe Bypass @ Stop
Mix 0% to +100% +100%
Ducking -5.0 to +5.0 0.0
Page 3/3
Volume -5.0 to +5.0 0.0


Our lowpass and highpass in the Wah section are ready made for sci-fi effects. Still they are studio quality filters with an even higher steepness and perfect to shape your signal in a constant fashion. This is why we gave it the names "lowpass" and "highpass" and not some sci-fi names. Set all parameters to zero and use the Manual parameter to tune the cutoff frequency to shape your signal.

Both have 24 dB/Oct and resonance (Peak).


Q: I tried the high pass from the Wah section, but I’m not sure what to do with the peak setting and how to set the frequency.

A: ckemper - Set Peak to zero. Choose the desired cutoff frequency by Manual.

Q: How does the 0-10 scale correspond to frequency? Let’s say I’m looking for a low pass at 13 kHz.

A: ckemper - The obvious answer would be 'use your ears, not your eyes'. You could turn up the resonance [Peak] and scan the signal by sweeping the frequency knob until the resonance at the cutoff point amplifies the lowest of the frequencies you want to remove. Reduce resonance [Peak] and turn down the frequency control a bit until the desired result is reached.

For a typical lowpass/highpass scenario, try a lowpass with Manual set between 8.6 (about -3dB @ 5k) and 9.0 (attenuation begins @ 5k, but doesn't affect 5k) and Highpass Manual set to 0.5 (removing stuff below 50Hz). Set Peak @ 0 FOR both.