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There's already a collection of utilities to help users editing rig tags, control the Kemper Profiler. We're going to collect information on these utilities here.


This free utility is developed and provided by Kemper


Convert impulse response files into cabinet definitions for the Kemper Profiler.


You can download Mac and Windows versions of the CabMaker utility from the Kemper website:

CabMaker Downloads

KPA MIDI Control

This tool is being developed by Kerman Rodriguez from Everglades Audio and will be available as a free beta download soon.


  • You can control almost 90% of the functions/parameters of your Kemper Profiler.
  • Automatic detection of the MIDI interfaces connected in your PC.
  • MIDI LEARN function, right-click each knob, and move the knob on you controller surface to progam it. Double right-click to erase the program.
  • Preset Manager: The preset manager included is just for saving your knob positions in the app, it does not load the positions/parameters in your kemper.
  • KPA RENAMER integration. With the button SEND near the preset manager, you can send the preset name to your Kemper, so there's no need for the KPA Renamer anymore!


KPA MIDI Control Pre Beta released!

Tag Editors

Kemper profiles include a useful set of meta data (tags) like name, author, creation date, comment etc. Meaningful tags are vital for keeping an overview especially with big collections. Unfortunately adding or changing tags on the Kemper requires a lot of time and knob twisting.

Fortunately there are software tools to speed up the tagging process:

KPA Tag Inspector

First was Laurent's KPA Tag Inspector.

KPA Simple Tag Inspector

Later Waraba created the KPA Simple Tag Inspector

KIPR Tag Editor

KIPR Tag Editor screenshot

Third development is the KIPR Tag Editor trying to combine and improve both predecessors.


  • Displays and edits tags in kipr-files.
  • Supports Rig, Amplifier, Cabinet, Stack, Reverb, Delay, Stomp, Tonestack, Input and Output kipr-files.
  • Creates list of all profiles in a directory including all tags. (Could be used as basic librarian for your profile collection)
  • Batch function for editing multiple kipr-files at once.
  • Extracts and creates kpabackup files
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and free SW.

For more details see KIPR Tag Editor Usage page


The platform independent Python program can be downloaded from Gitorious: KIPR Tag Editor Download.
Source code is hosted on Gitorious.

Rig Management

For platform independent rig management see Rig/Preset Management and KIPR Tag Editor above.

Kemper Rig Manager

See separate page for official Kemper Rig Manager.