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What is RigManager?

RigManager is the free software tool provided by Kemper Amps to manage and tag your rigs.

  • RigManager can manage the rigs stored on your Profiler.
  • RigManager can manage your local rigs, stored on your computer.
  • RigManager can manage the rigs on USB stick connected to Kemper.

Rig Manager 1.5.16 for Windows


How to start!

To start using the Rig Manager with your Kemper:

  • Obtain so-called USB printer cable, also known as USB A-B cable.
  • Download Rig Manager installation package relevant fro you operating system from [www.kemper-amps.com/downloads Kemper's download page] - from Category list choose Rig Manager
  • Before you setup the RigManager software, go to SYSTEM menu page 1/9 on your Profiler and press "Show Tag". Here you'll can find (and edit) the KPA Owner name. This name is very important for the RigManager to work properly.
  • Now that you know the name you entered on your Profiler, you can setup the software.
  • When you run the software for the first time, you will be asked to provide some information. You can change this info anytime going to RigManager menu "File / Preferences".
  • Make sure you enter the KPA Owner's name in the Preferences field "Author's Name". Be aware that it's case sensitive. Type it exactly like it is on your Profiler! If you ever change your name on the Profiler, make sure you change it in RigManager as well!
  • To use the Rig Exchange functionality inside RigManager, check the corresponding checkbox and enter your credentials. This would be the same mail address and password you use to login to kemper-amps.com. Test the connection before you close the Preferences wth OK
  • Now you're ready to run and continue to read this beautiful Wiki page. :-)

Download RigManager

To download the free RigManager, you need to be logged in on kemper-amps.com Then go to the following page to get the latest and greatest.

Things to be Aware of

  • Rig Manager cannot import nested folders. If you have multiple levels of folders with KPA rig files (such as KPA Files/<Amp Brand>/<Amp Model>/), you have to drag/drop each of the lowest-level folders (each <Amp Model> folder).
  • Rig Manager will not import any rigs if the entire file path containing the rig files has an "illegal" character (which is rare). The most well-known example of this was Till's Chimera pack. The apostrophe in the zip file name contained an acute accent character instead of an apostrophe, and if unzipped to a folder of the same name, they will not import. Note: if the file path is C:\FolderA\IllegalFolderName\FolderB\ and you drag-drop FolderB, it still won't work - it doesn't matter if the illegal character is above or below the folder you're importing - the entire path cannot contain a single illegal character.
  • Rig Manager cannot import rigs that are inside of an zip (or other format) archive. Unzip them, then import.
  • Rig Manager cannot import amp, cab, or stomp/effect presets. Currently, this causes the program to hang, preventing you from importing rigs in the same folder.
  • User Folders under Local Library can be collapsed/expanded by double-clicking on them; however, this currently causes Rig Manager to open another session of itself in a new window. Use the left/right keys instead for now.
  • Rig Manager only allows 2 levels of User Folders under Local Library. Plan accordingly.
  • When you import rigs from your computer, Rig Manager actually creates its own copy of the rigs. Any changes made to these rigs will not be reflected in the original files. They must be exported from Rig Manager to get the modified .kipr files. KPA rigs on your KPA or on the USB stick connected to your KPA are directly edited, however.
  • The KPA can only communicate with a computer using the KPA's USB-B port. The KPA's USB-A port is only for connecting a USB thumbdrive.

... there's more to come, so stay tuned.