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There's still some confusion about the terms "Profile" and "Rig" which should be explained a bit. They're not the same, you should know the difference so we can avoid misunderstandings e.g. in forum discussions.


A profile basically is the raw snapshot of a specific amp with specific settings and its mic'ed cabinet created by the profiling process of the Kemper Profiler. It's the raw foundation and part of what becomes a rig as soon as we save it on the Profiler.

The profiling process actually creates two profiles: the amp profile and the cab profile. This allows amp profiles to be paired with different cab profiles and vice versa. The profiler does an impressive job of sorting out the amplifier vs. the cabinet's impact on the tone; however, it's impossible for this to be a perfect seperation. Part of the sound is the electrical interaction between the amp's output transformer and the cabinet's speakers.


A rig is the stored state of the Kemper Profiler's internal signal chain, based on an amplifier & cabinet profile. On top of the actual profile (split into amp and cab profile) it also contains all parameters, tweaks and additions made to the internal signal chain of the Kemper Profiler. When you save your tweaked or un-tweaked profiles they will always be saved as rigs. The file suffix of a rig is *.kipr and the file is basically a MIDI file.

Comparison to typical guitar amp modelers

With a typical guitar amp modeler, you get a limited number of guitar amp models which you can use to try build (setup, tweak) the sound you're after. The Kemper Profiler does not have this limitation because you can get an almost unlimited ammount of amp profiles (free or commercial). You can even create your own profiles if you own amps worth to get profiled.

So, if for example your previous guitar amp modeler offered 22 amp models and 128 user programs (patches), on the Kemper Profiler you can store up to 1625 amp profiles (models) and rigs (programs, patches). In reality the number is unlimited because you can import/export these profiles/rigs to and from an archive on your computer.