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The Profiler is able to manage, preamplify and process any kind of audio signal. Results may vary according to the settings you apply, the quality of the fed signal and your needs.

Line-Level Instruments

The Profiler’s main input is conceived for guitars both in terms of sensitivity and impedance. If you want to use – say – a keyboard, you can put an fx loop in the A slot 100% wet, then plug your synth into the return input.


NOTE: You can also select Return Input as your Input Source in the Input menu. Then you don't have occupy one of your Stomps/Effects slots with an FX Loop to get an input signal. Just remember to only use the Mono Loop effect if you need to place external effects in the KPA's effects loop, as a stereo loop requires the Return Input.

Acoustic Guitar

The Profiler delivers my tone not only for my electric guitars - it delivers it on the acoustical way, too! Best sounding for electrified acoustic guitar: just switch off the amp and cabinet and use your best "effects rig" - but you will have to do some modifications on your compressor or eq-settings, so it fits perfect to the pickup/GEQ in your guitar.

For me, it´s very important to have a well compressed sound - I often play solo acoustic parts in a show, for example on a wedding party for dinner - and the sound of the effects plus my compressor settings is just amazing - some chorus, some delay, a little bit of reverb, some EQing - perfect!

If you ever cover the "Nirvana - Unplugged" cover of Bowie's The Man Who sold the World, you can use Fuzz on your acoustic. Maybe not during dinner at a wedding, though....


For playing acoustic guitar with the Profiler, there are several profiles available. Just adjust the EQ, chorus, delay or reverb.

We can even bypass the amp and the cab, just keep EQ and effects and the volume. It works too... Don’t be shy about selecting a clean rig and tweaking, I have had some very pleasing results through an acoustic and under saddle pick up. That's what I do with my nylon string acoustic - and it works wonderfully. Very natural.

Also, if you use a steel string acoustic with the Fishman profile, fool around a bit with the amp compressor parameter. For me it yielded good results for some mixes where I needed a sort of more dense acoustic sound.

If you don't lock the Input, clean sens and distorted sense will be saved per rig, so you can have the appropriate values on the acoustic and on the electric rigs. NOTE: I keep mine locked and have no problems with my Ovation and clean sens @ 4.3 (HB value) tho.


I converted my microphone IR files using Cab Maker and imported them. Using the acoustic rigs from the new amp pack, they sound great. I did have to disable the amplifier part of the stack--leaving the EQ and Cabinet in place. They work great for making piezo pickups sound a little more realistic.


Acoustic Rigs

New along with FW 1.6: Rig Pack 04 does include 5 rigs tailored for acoustic guitars.

Acoustic amps for piezo-equipped instruments and acoustic simulators by Maurizio70

On the Rig Exchange, look for:

  • "DP Piezo", it’s a set of 3 rigs by guitarnet70. They where made for use with piezo and active preamp (Ovation).
  • “California Blonde”. Just tweak the EQ for your needs.
  • "Acoustimax”.
  • "Jazz clean sm57". I suggest you to try it without the cab.
  • The Fishman profiles. If you use a steel string acoustic, fool around a bit with the amp compressor parameter. For me it yielded good results for some mixes where I needed a sort of more dense acoustic sound.
  • "Acoustic Dream" preset by Flitzefinger. It is a beautiful acoustic/piezo simulation. (well, at least with my single coils) But with some EQ, I'm sure it will be great even for humbuckers. [1]
  • “Acoustic A/B/C/D/E” profiles by M. Franzkowiak are included in Rig Pack 4.


The instrument input is capable of taking an active bass. Please take care to adjust Clean sens in the Input section to your level.

We have even generalized a bass paradigm: most of our chorus effects feature a crossover parameter that remains the important bass fundamental unprocessed and stable. This is known from a famous bass chorus, but we found it also helps other instruments.

A famous German band (Die Toten Hosen, german charts leader) used the Profiler for their new album and play three Profilers on stage (Rock Am Ring). Two guitars and one bass.


Mr. Kemper has suggested allowing the Stomps slots A and B to be arranged in a parallel configuration for a future firmware release (2.2.2?), specifically with the idea of bass tones. This would allow users to mix a distorted and clean bass tone in parallel, going beyond the capabilities of the Direct Mix parameter.

Bass rigs

Includes both stock and user-created

  • Ampeg B15
  • Ampeg SVT450

I think the SVT and B15 sound quite good though and are very useful. Generally, the cleaner profiles don't have as much character, which makes sense since that is more or less a DI sound with some cab mixed in but, the SVT/B15 profiles with a little hair on them sound quite good.


Those profiles allow for the player to perform with certain dynamics and tone that don't exist when just hearing back a DI signal. I find them extremely useful in tracking and re-amping in the studio.

  • Ampeg SVT- IIP bass preamp
  • Dakota (“Mr Dakota”)

It sounds very academic and clean but really warm, bassy and sweet, very vintage (60's & 70's). Here’s the thread.

  • Eden Traveller
  • Eden WDTI (thread)
  • Gallien & Krueger 800RB
  • Genz-Benz (thread)
  • MarkBass
  • Selmer Twin B30
  • SVX Pop Bass (Amplitube 3 Free using the SVX bundle (Virtual Ampeg Bass Amps))
  • TC
  • Waves CLA Bass plugin (“CLA Bass Start Me Up”)

Also, consider all the Fender Bassman amps on the Rig Exchange.

Generally, you can always search the Rig Exchange for “bass”.

Commercial bass profiles

Check Soundside’s SansAmp (all the bass presets have been profiled) and "Mark Bass F1 Bass Guitar Amp" (37 profiles for all kinds of sounds) profiles.

I just got the best freaking bass tone I've ever gotten with a free profile from The Amp Factory. An Ampeg BA115. It sounds better than going direct box through my 1073 and Retro Sta-Level. Unbelievable. [2]

For metal bass tones, check out Sonic Underground's profiles.


If you are looking for profiles to record or for practice, don't overlook amps like AC 30's, which sound great for bass, when recording. There's a 100 watt Marshall bass amp in the Rig Exchange too. I just wish there was one with the matching bass cab. Quite a few Fender Bassman profiles to choose from too… not to mention all the great Ampegs and usual bass amps. Andy has some free ones at The Amp Factory. I have used them to record with and they work for me.

Electric Violin

As a violinist and guitar player, I always had the problem of finding an amplifier setup that was compatible with these two very different instruments. Luckily, since I found the Profiler, those once troublesome issues are a thing of the past.

Here's a video of a Jam I did while testing a NS-Design electric-violin going through the Profiler (p.s.: those of you who like Sabbath/Stoner Rock might want to skip ahead to 2:00 ):