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Note that this does not behave like a traditional noise gate but a noise suppressor. It analyzes the signal's composition, not simply it's level, to determine how to adjust the signal.

This knob controls the NOISE GATE, which eliminates the noise and hum of your guitar in a very smart way. Turn the NOISE GATE knob to the right, until noise and hum have disappeared; do not turn it beyond that point, as this might alter the sound of your guitar. When set to the appropriate position, you will notice that the noise gate is capable of eliminating noise and hum, even when the strings still sound. There is no need for an additional release control as in classic noise gates.

The noise gate settings can be stored as part of a rig.

With the chicken-head set to Profiler mode, the noise gate will also work with the connected amplifier, but without interfering with the result.

-Kemper Basic Manual


  • Noise Gate Intensity (0.0 - 10.0, default ?) - Sets the amount of noise suppression. As mentioned above, set this just high enough to remove noise and hum and no higher or it can begin to degrade guitar signal.


Note that this noise gate does not occupy an effect slot in the signal chain - it is always on, and it's only parameter is the intensity/threshold set by the physical knob on the Profiler's front panel.

By default, this setting is stored per rig, not globally. You can make it global by locking the Input section.

It actually functions more like a noise suppressor then a traditional noise gate, allowing you to remove noise/hiss/hum without having sustaining notes getting artificially cut-off. But don't fall into the trap that it can perfectly detect noise and clean up a dirty signal. Like any kind of gate, you should use settings that are just high enough to give you the desired result, or you can experience "tone suck".


I like the noise gate accessible from the Noise Gate knob. If you set it too high (like in almost all of the factory rigs and rigs in the rig packs) it will muffle your tone too much and make it sound dull. So what you want is to set it at the very threshold where when muting the strings no hum can be heard (maybe just a little). The important thing to notice here is that this threshold depends on how much gain is dialed in the patch (also the type of pickup of course), which means the input section must be unlocked so gate settings can be stored with each rig.