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Green Scream

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The Green Scream model was refined to give you the same results as a Maxon OD808.[1] Find more information about the Maxon OD808 Overdrive here.


  • Drive (0.0 to 10.0, adjustable in Stomps Menu)
  • Tone (-5.0 to +5.0) Note: -5.0 to 0 is the entire range of control; any value from 0 to +5.0 is equivalent to 0 [fw 2.2.1].
  • Volume (-5.0 to +5.0)

Additional Information

The Green Scream was orginally modeled after a TS808 Reissue. It sounded identical to the original. Sound and gain were exactly the same. Take care that only the first half of the tone control reflects its full tone range. The zero setting of the Green Scream does not boost, unless the Clean sens setting is too low.

But in any case you will hear a distortion, even at zero gain. That is like on the original.

I could recreate every setting of the Maxon OD 808 with our internal Green Scream. The OD 808 is obviously a straight follower and approach to the original TS-808, the TS-808 reissue is obviously on the same track.

There is hard to hear a difference, if you set it right. There is only one slight difference: When both tones are set to minimum, the Green Scream still tends to be a bit brighter. This could even be component tolerances.

Following user requests, this model was refined to give you the same results as a Maxon OD808. Not a big difference, but a difference nonetheless.

Please bear in mind the following:

  • The original Tone knob is represented by the left half of the Green Scream's Tone knob only (-5.0 to 0.0). This should be obvious when you hear it. But we might change that in the future. The Tone control does not have further impact on values 0.0 to 5.0. It does not go beyond the tone of the original, sonically speaking.

There is no difference in setting it to 2.0, 0.0 or 5.0, all these values will sound like the original tone control set to max.

  • The behavior of our Volume knob is different than on the original, it depends even if the Amp section is clean or distorting.
  • The range of the drive knob is spot on!


I find that you have to tweak the Green Scream differently from the real thing. I use this as a starting point.

  • Drive: 0;
  • Tone: around -2.0
  • Volume: around +3.1

It works really well with a Push version or never more than about 50% gain on an amp profile.

Using a TS as a volume boost is pretty much the quintessential TS setting. Set gain at 8 or 9 o'clock and volume at 3-4 o'clock.

-Don Petersen

An Alternative to the Classic Tube Screamer Sound

I go for the Compressor + Pure Boost over the Tube Screamer. Or Compressor + Treble Boost. Tube Screamers are mid "honky", IMO, they color the sound way too much, good for playing live, but not so good at home.

That's the whole point of a tube screamer, the mids and then boost and saturation, especially in a high gain/metal context. Of course certain amps like tube screamers more than others, Mesa Recitfiers for example and sound awesome with them. And of course, it is a preferential thing as well.

My favorite Overdrive pedal in the Profiler would be the combination of the Compressor and Pure Boost: • Compressor intensity between 3.5 and 4.5, Volume +1 • Pure Boost volume at between +0.4 and +1.0

I mirror the advice above, but would suggest using an EQ instead of a Booster. This will give you more control over exactly what frequencies you want to boost/cut, allowing you to dial in the exact distortion tone you want from the amp. The EQ's also have a volume parameter, so they can be used as a boost; however, if you don't plan to toggle it on/off, you can just use the Gain control to get the exact amount of distortion desired.



  1. Don Peterson, Kemper User Forum, March 6th 2013