Free Delay

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  • Mix
  • Time
  • Ratio - The “Delay Ratio” determines the ratio of different delay times between the left and right delay taps. The “Delay Time” always represents the longer delay tap, the other “Delay Time” is just a divider of the displayed time. As with the Tap Delay, the feedback is only taken from the left delay tap; thus, swapping the ratio of the left and right delay tap will not only reverse the stereo sides, but also produce a different rhythm pattern. --Kemper Reference Manual
  • Feedback
  • Bandwith
  • Center Freq
  • Mod
  • Volume


Also, see Analog Delay - All tips that pertain to the Analog Delay also work for the Free Delay, with the exception of those that use the Analog Delay's pitch-shifting/Doppler effect when dynamically changing the delay time.