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Here we'll document the history of all Kemper Profiler firmware releases and the changelog. Downloads are available here.

Firmware 3.2.1 Release

released: Friday, November 13th 2015

<to be completed>

Firmware 2.3.0 Public Beta

released: Wednesday, February 5th 2014

This firmware introduces the following new features, improvements, and fixes

User Interface

  • added: Rig Manager support
  • added: Performance Tempo, which overrules Rig Tempo
  • added: Performance Autoload option in System Menu. By default Performances are not loaded before you select any particular Slot. Autoload is optional now and will always load Slot 1.
  • added: new view ‘Non-Favourites’
  • added: User Scale presets can be stored separately from Rig and Harmonic Pitch presets. This functionality is available as soon as you bring Harmonic Pitch into focus, select as User Scale for one of the two voices and then press ‘Edit User Scale 1 or 2’.
  • added: Beat Scanner
  • added: incoming MIDI Clock now reflected on page “Tempo” in Rig Menu
  • changed: order of views to better reflect frequency of usage
  • changed: ‘Sorted by Amp’ renamed into ‘Sorted by Amp/Cab’ to better indicate logic
  • fixed: change of Favourite state doesn’t trigger erroneous rig-edit-flag anymore
  • fixed: successful formatting of USB-stick not confirmed anymore before really completed
  • fixed: import of output presets performed correctly now
  • fixed: owner name including special characters doesn’t cause backup issues anymore
  • fixed: interference of locked Input Stage settings between Browse and Performance Mode


  • added: new stomp Analog Octaver
  • added: new stomp Space
  • added: Tonestack position switch pre/post
  • added: Formant Shift also available for Chromatic Pitch
  • added for bass players: Parallel signal Path (Input -> Stomp A -> Stomp B -> Master Output) can be activated in Rig Menu
  • fixed: Transpose not impacted by effect volume anymore.
  • fixed: Spillover issue of Monitor Out and Direct Out with source ‘Master Mono’

Performance and Stability

  • changed: avoidance and improved recovery of DSP-errors

Factory Content(*)

  • added: the following rigs are included in this firmware
    • Lasse Lammert Signature Rig Pack (October 2013)
    • Franz Plasa Rig Pack (October 2013)
    • User Scale example rig ‘PITCH Harmonic Minor’
  • added: user scale presets ‘Harmonic Minor’ and ‘MakeNoMistake’
  • added: presets for new stomps Space and Analog Octaver: ‘SPCE Default’ and ‘OCT Default’
  • changed: most factory rigs revised for improved volume levelling

(*) Factory rigs and presets included in this firmware can be imported via ‘Factory Rig’ import function in the System Menu or selectively by downloading ‘Factory Content 2.3.0’ complete or incremental from our web-page.

Firmware 2.2.1. Release

released: Tuesday, November 5th 2013

This firmware introduces the following fixes compared to 2.2.0 Public Beta.

User Interface

  • fixed: Compatibility issues with older output presets are fixed. Output presets created under 2.2.0 need to be recreated.
  • fixed: Copy/Paste of Cab and Amp doesn’t cause hang of user interface anymore

Firmware 2.2.0 Public Beta

released: Friday, October 15th 2013

User Interface

  • added: soft button ‘WahPedal to Vol.’ available in System menu and Rig menu (Volume Pedal Settings)
  • added: soft button ‘WahPedal to Pitch’ available in System menu as well as Pedal Pitch effects
  • added: current state of pedal values displayed on page 6 of System menu
  • added: backup name includes owner name
  • changed: new boot and shutdown screen layout
  • fixed: old rigs and presets starting with ‘!’ don’t get lost during restore anymore


  • added: two new Input Sources especially for reamping
  • added: New Reamp Sense parameter
  • added: new effect ‘Pedal Vinyl Stop’
  • changed: Clean Sense and Distortion Sense now scaling in Decibel
  • changed: Main Output Equalizer also affecting Headphone Output
  • fixed: occasional loss of sound triggered by fast rig browsing

Factory Content*

  • added: the following rigs are included in firmware Ola Englund signature Rig Pack (August 2013)
  • added: two new Factory Presets for Pedal Pitch 'PPTC Two Oct Down' and 'PPTC Two Oct Up'
  • added: two new Factory Presets for Harmonic Pitch 'HARM Octaver' and ‘HARM +3 +6’
  • added: new Factory Preset for Pedal Vinyl Stop 'PVST Vinyl Stop'
  • changed: many factory rigs revised to improve volume levels

* Factory rigs and presets included in this firmware can be imported via ‘Factory Rig’ import function in the System Menu or selectively by downloading ‘Factory Content 2.2.0’ from our web-page.

Firmware 2.1.1 Release

released: Friday, September 13th 2013


  • Fixes an issue related to the preamp gain, which was slightly quieter in comparison to previous versions

Firmware 2.1.0 Public Beta

released: Thursday, August 29th 2013

User Interface

  • added: Input Source selection (Front Input/Alternative Input/SPDIF Input). Please read related Notes in Readme 2.1.0.
  • added: Monitor Volume can now also be controlled via directly connected expression pedal
  • added: analog stereo switch set to ‘Rig Up/Down’ steps thru Slots/Performances


  • added: Aux In Volume can be controlled separately for Main and Monitor/Headphone Out
  • fixed: noise affecting clean sounds
  • fixed: Pitch Shifter tracking lack immediately after rig change
  • fixed: Wah Lowpass and Hipass signal levels corrected
  • fixed: clipping of guitar signal on Direct Out and SPDIF Out
  • changed: New ‘Initialised Rig’ is now based on Christoph Kemper’s first profile ‘CK 0’

Performance and Stability

  • improved: generally faster Rig load
  • fixed: ‘Initialised Rig’ doesn’t appear accidentally anymore in Performance Mode after restart
  • fixed: noise immediately after loading a Slot/Rig of another Performance
  • fixed: Restore selection list can handle more backup files on USB-stick
  • fixed: accidental jumps of rig pointer when changing views

Factory Rigs

  • added: the following rigs are included in firmware:
    • Gundy Keller Rigs (July 2013)
    • Bill Ruppert Rig Pack (July 2013)

Factory rigs included in this firmware can be imported via ‘Factory Rig’ import function in the System Menu.

Firmware 2.0.1 Release

released: Sunday, June 30th 2013

User Interface

  • added: Restore allows to select between several backup archives stored on USB-stick
  • added: continuous pedal calibration
  • fixed: while in Performance mode temporary Tuner mode triggered by pedal volume = 0 doesn’t accidentally switch into Browse mode anymore


  • added: Stereo parameter in Chromatic and Harmonic Pitch (only available in Effects section)
  • changed: Aux In now independent of rig volume and Space parameter
  • fixed: avoiding ‘clicks’ that had been experienced by some users

Firmware 2.0.0 Public Beta

released: Monday, June 10th 2013

User Interface

  • added: Performance Mode with 125 performances 5 slots each to store and organize rig. These up to 625 rigs can be tweaked and stored independently from Browse pool.
  • added: Extended foot controller support incl. new MIDI control change #48-54 to step/scroll through performances and select slot. For details please consult Addendum 2.0.
  • added: Tuner Mode automatically activated while MIDI volume equals ‘0’.
  • added: separate controller for Pitch pedal available in MIDI (control change #4) as well as for expression pedals directly connected
  • changed: volume and Wah (and Pitch) can be flexibly assigned to each expression pedal directly connected
  • added: Wah pedal can be shared to also control Pitch and/or volume (MIDI as well as directly connected expression pedals).
  • added: MIDI control change #73 to control Monitor Volume


  • added: Pure Tuning and Formant Shift parameter in several Pitch effects
  • changed: Tuner range increased (1/4 note) and accuracy improved
  • fixed: Mix parameter of MicroPitch
  • fixed: Phaser sound anomalyPerformance and Stability
  • improved: recognition of corrupted rig/preset files

Factory Rigs

  • added: the following factory rigs are included in firmware*Rig Pack 04, Keith Merrow Signature Rig Pack, Gundy Keller Rigs, Pitch Shifter Rigs, The Amp Factory Rig Pack II
  • changed: 60 factory rigs are not included in this firmware anymore, however are still available as Legacy Factory Rigs 2012 on our download pag
  • New factory rigs can be imported via ‘Factory Rig’ import function in the System Menu.

Factory Presets

  • added: presets for all Pitch Shifter effects are automatically imported during upgrade


A small number of Pitch Shifter parameters will be reset to their default value, because we had to change their internal location for better compatibility with Lock and Local Presets. These are mainly parameters of the Harmonic Shift, so it's no big deal. The scales are not touched. Before upgrading the firmware those parameters have to be written down and readjusted after the update. These are the parameters in question: Smooth Chords, Voice 1 Interval, Voice 2 Interval, and Key.

Assignment of an expression pedal directly connected and configured as Wah pedal needs to be renewed after upgrading to and downgrading from this firmware.

Firmware 1.8.2 Release

released: Friday, May 27th 2013


  • added: Pitch Shifter Package including MicroPitch, Transpose, Pedal Pitch, Chromatic Pitch, Harmonic Pitch
  • added: Ducking Parameter for Loop Mono and Loop Stereo

Performance and Stability

  • improved: faster rig switching


  • Should you retain more than 1000 rigs/presets on your Profiler this upgrade might fail.