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So much content, so much technical information, so many tutorials being constantly added to this Wiki.

Maybe it's time to sit back, relax for a while and just enjoy some nice results of using the Kemper Profiler? Ok, let's go and find some great examples. Have fun!


Ola Englund

Here's a mega scooped metal song Ola did with the DV Mark Triple 6 profile he created. You can download the Ola Triple 6 profile from here.

Jeff Loomis

Jeff Loomis does a full cover of Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn on a Peavey 5150 profile.

Keith Merrow

Keith Merrow playing Peavey 5150 and Soldano on his Kemper Profiler.

Fred Brum

Fred recorded his song Transcendence with the Kemper Profiler and profiles of a DV Mark Triple6, Silverblade Hellhound, Laney Ironheart, Marshall 1987X and a Bad Cat

Gord Olson

Gord recorded all guitar parts of the song Cognoscere with the Kemper Profiler.

Dead Reckoning

savannahalex posted some recording and profile info about this song "Patient Zero" here on the Kemper forum:

Jeff Dunne

Kemper - TAF 6505 1 - Full Mix. JB, OD808, The Amp Factory 6505 profile from amp pack 3.

Tony Schumacher

Tony Schumacher. Jaden Rose Custom w Dimarzio X2n --> Kemper Profiler - 2xUberschall + 2x EVH 5150 III --> B12a --> Saffire 56.

Shredding solo by Tony Schumacher. Instrumental snippet of 'Shine' from the upcoming album "TEMPEST" by Rising Storm. Tony posted more Rising Storm album info in this thread on the Kemper forum:

Jason Wang

Future Destination, by Jason Wang. Played with the kemper profiler amp.

Rock & Bluesrock

Guido Bungenstock

Ernie Ball Music Man Luke II. Peavey 6505+ Kemper Amp Profile. GMC Guitar Lesson 18 (Falling In A Lydian Dream - Joe Satriani Style). More of my lessons here

Irewan Zahari

Ballad soloing on Kemper. "The profile is C2 boogie lead something from rig's manager profile share." The original post can be found on the Kemper forum in this link

Rudy Rebelo

Friedman BE 100 "Test Out" - Kemper Profiler Amplifier. Simply incredible the tone the Kemper can emulate. Just jaw dropping a Friedman Browneye BE100 on HBE channel!!! Ibanez 540 1988 LE Ash.

Yuta Kamimatsuse

James Tyler Japan Studio Elite HD Jimburst Mamywo. Demo by Masse.


New Nitro profile for the Kemper! The profile can be downloaded in the video info link or on the kemper rig exchange.

Chris Beaver

A great rendition of Pink Floyd's Shine on you crazy diamond with Chris playing the Kemper Profiler and the HiWatt Studio Full rig of The Amp Factory from 7:28 to 11:10.

David Dyer

Amazing cover version of Eric Clapton's Hideaway. Recorded using a 1959 Les Paul Collectors Choice CC2, burst bucker 3 bridge pickup through a Kemper Profiler and using an Amp Factory profile of a 1963 Fender Vibrolux.

Markus Pfeffer

Markus did a great cover of Joe Bonamassa's Django on an Epiphone Bonamassa Signature and a Siggi Mehl 50 profile with Green Screamer.

Benny Young

Benny Young playing live with the Kemper Profiler, Kemper direct signal to PA, live at No.1 Guitar Center Festival 2011. Benny plays the Roadking Modern kemper stock profile here with a little bit of AmpComp and some Delay.

Palle Schultz

A Short lively slow guitar instrumental called Jammed played by Palle Schultz on the Kemper Profiler

Another great song by Palle Schultz called Velvet.

Diego Sacapuntas

New strings on a Telecaster, a Kemper profiler and a Trainwreck SRV rig from AmpFactory made Diego completely loose touch to the ground. Enjoy!


Stephan Laplante


"Used the Kemper Profiling Amp into FOH (monitor Matrix GT800FX into 2 x EV12L Thiele cabs), guitar is a 80th Tokai Springy Sound"

Jean Shy & The Shy Guys

Jean Shy & The Shy Guys performing on 47th Montreux Jazz Festival. Guitars: Klaus Zimmermann

Maciek Hrybowicz

Gig at Hamilton Jazz Society 26 April 2015. Kemper Profiling Amp direct into the PA, 59' Fender Stratocaster. I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues - Robben Ford changes

David Krasucki

Brilliantly played Blues track with a Fender Stratocaster and Fender 57 Deluxe Profile from Soundside.

Country & Chicken Picking

Yann Belanger

Dmitry Teplov

Guitar - Music Man SM-Y2D, Kemper Profiling Amplifier.

John Huldt

Country shred with the Kemper. "Business In The Front Party In The Back". "Track number 8 from my new album, "A Permanent State Of Transformation". This is my ode to the great Brent Mason, Brad Paisley and Albert Lee. Yee-haw!"

John posted this profile info on the Kemper forum: "I think I used a 65 amps Tupelo profile on most of the twangy stuff. Found it somewhere in the forum. Really good for clean/slightly overdriven stuff. I also used a couple of Blankenship profiles on there as well..."

Robin Gallagher

This is Robin Gallagher, Cape Town, South Africa, performing some amazing Chicken Pickin Country style magic using his 61 Custom Shop Tele "Heavy Relic Candy Green Sparkle". Using a few of the Fender amp profiles in the Kemper, and some Mesa Dual Rectifier towards the end of the clip.


Twangzilla, with the Kemper profiler amp. "This is a Carol Ann profile, with a telecaster."



All amps are downloaded free from the Kemper forum. All amp settings are as shown on the pictures. 1,3 min Fender Deluxe reverb. 3,6 min: Vox AC30. 5,1 min: Fender Princeton Reverb. 5,9 min: Fender Bassman. 6,9 min: Two Rock Classic Reverb. 8,3+ min: Deluxe Reverb with Vemuram Jan Ray.

Maciek Hrybowicz

"Ibanez Artcore AF 71F. I am plugged into Kemper Profiler Amp with a profile of my own Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 combo".

Jack Zucker

Kemper Profiler, Ampfactory Vibroverb profile. Gibson 137. "All the things you are (fast)".

Kemper Profiler, Ampfactory Vibroverb profile. 1989 Gibson 175. "Just Friends".

2nd take on this with my '89 gibson 175 this time. "Take 5/4 jam".

Bryan Aspey

"White Christmas" on a white Les Paul (arr. Leavitt). Bryan posted more music links and this profile info on the Kemper forum: "Plug the Les Paul into the Marshall, and you know what time it is! Why, time for a fingerstyle jazz arrangement of "White Christmas", of course! Profile is one of the great JTM45 user profiles from Richie."

Eric Deza

"Mr. Sandman" with the Kemper Profiler. Eric posted the video and info in this thread on the Kemper forum: "Here's my arrangement for solo guitar, from the popular version of Chet Atkins, originally composed by Pat Ballard. It's recorded with the Kemper Profiler and my Gibson ES-175. Hope you like it!"

Matthieu Binetruy

Gypsy jazz in the style of the Great Master Django. Jazz guitar recorded with a Kemper amp (Fender Deluxe 52 profile from Soundside)

Mixed Music

Eric Palmer

mp3 link "All guitars including bass through kemper, Tremelo efx from kemper as well as lead effected"

mp3 link "Just a non finished mix using Kemper for all guitars... with vocals"

mp3 link "Dirty Bass Kemper clip. Running Bass through kemper, dirty guitars"

mp3 link "I used free TAF princeton Reverb profile I believe it is for this, as well a TAF- blues jnr profile"

mp3 link "here is a Dirty tough guy type of rock track, think HBO promo type of stuff... All guitars including bass through kemper, Tremelo efx from kemper as well as lead effected"

"Various pictures taken while living in Asheville, NC. Original music using kemper profiler as guitar amplifier."

Prominent users on stage

A good number of artists have been seen taking the Profiler on stage. They are listed here