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Rigs Info

In this section some infos are provided about the origin of some official rigs (i.e. coming from Kemper). This is not exhaustive, and it’s a WIP. I’ll be collecting information as long as I find it.

  • The Blackback cabs are G12H30's and somewhere between 1976-78, with 75 Hz Resonance.
  • The Greenback are G12M25's and bought in the early 80s.

London amps were profiled by engineer Alan Litten at Room With A View in Nashville for Kemper. In fact, many (but not all) of the amps labeled "Kemper Amps" are actually from their collection. Alan and crew did a great job with a bunch of killer hardware. [1]

Factory-Rig Reference List with Amp/Cabinet/Mic-Names (Includes Rig Packs 01, 02, 03 and 04 and 31 Profiles from The Amp Factory)

Click this link for a reference list showing original amp, cab and mic names used for the Profiler factory rigs.

Rig Pack 01 (April 2012)

This archive contains a great blend of 43 additional rigs for your Kemper Profiler.

These rigs are already included in the factory rig set of current firmware.

More Info

Hi Players, here‘s some more info on the profiling session for the Rig Pack 01. First I like to thank Markus Wienstroer and Dirk Baldringer for doing great work. Markus brought in some hot stuff from his great collection of amps, all these amps are fine tuned for reaching the max in performance and tone. Some of these amps are hard to find nowadays and some just one of a kind, their simply unique. The Siggi Mehl amp, or the JCM from 1981, tuned by Dirk Baldringer, or the old S. Duncan Convertible amp. Even the speakers used in the different cabs are really old vintage stuff, broken in well. Christopher Kemper profiled a Leslie and added new local presets for the Phaser Stomp. Dirk Baldringer of Studio 25 spent a great amount of time and passion, for getting the most out of every setup we took a profile of. We really tried to push the whole thing a step forward and will do in the future. One of our goals will be to release new Rig, Profile and fx Packs on a more or less regular base and make them available for all Profiler Players. By the way, I think the Rigs of this package are very “tweakfriendly” so, give them a tweak.

Siggi Mehl 100 – Markus Wienstroer often used this amp during the last 15 years for many recordings, the amp appears on a big bunch of productions and No.1 Hits through the years, and on a Myriad of TV and Radio Commercials. It was also used on the “Mensch” Album of Herbert Grönemeyer. The amp started out as a very old London City Head and has been heavily modified over the years by Siggi Mehl. Markus and Siggi tried to get that sound they imagined on their minds. After all mods, it seems the last original part that stayed in the amp is the old Output Transformer from the London City. Every other component has been selected by Siggi to fit perfectly into the whole concept of this amp. This amp is a unique item and there‘s only one in the world. We can‘t buy it, so we have been very happy to get profiles of this one.

Rig Pack 02 (July 2012)

This archive contains a great blend of 45 additional rigs for your Kemper Profiler.

These rigs are already included in the factory rig sets of current firmware.

More Info

guitardroid - In this Rig Pack a part of our goal was to come up with some very tweak-able sounds, just to give a good basic amp sound with great substance, so the already experienced customers and tweakers can dial in their own sound, based on some good tuned vintage and custom amps. Going along with the great Rigs of Bill Ruppert I personally like the Pack02 a lot. So… Let the Tweaking begin!

Zodiac – Been playing a bit more with the Zodiac, tried the S. Mehl Greenback cab with it and suddenly I thought I knew that sound. It took me a day to remember where I know that sound from, but now I know: it's the sound of early Pink Floyd with Syd Barret. I did some research and seemingly he played Selmer amps as well. So if you are into early Floyd, change the cab of the (crunch) Zodiac to the Mehl Greenback, plug in your Strat and have a go. Important is a Treble Booster for that sound. I use a BSM RM (Rangemaster clone) in front of the Profiler, but you can use the built-in Treble Booster also.

Siggi Mehl 50 is custom built by Mr. Mehl, there's only one in the world.

1965 Blackface Bassman and Vox AC 15 are modded by Siggi Mehl.

I wanted to explain what my profiles are all about.

  1. Surf's Up is in response to people asking for a surf sound. It’s a great emulation of a "spring reverb" and when the gain is cranked it becomes total punk surf guitar! If you get any clipping due a stronger pickup output just reduce the volume control on the right till the master led is in the green and save.
  2. Smashing Fuzz is a perfect profile of a fuzz like the one used by Billy Corgan of the "Smashing Pumpkins". It’s a 1975 Big Muff I profiled into a clean Fender style amp. It is dead nuts on.
  3. Germanium Fuzz is a profile of a contemporary big selling germanium fuzz pedal. Its sound is pure germanium! It cleans up pretty well with the guitar volume rolled back.
  4. Studio 15 4/12 is a profile of an late 80s’ British amp I used on hundreds of sessions. It’s a small combo that uses 6V6 output tubes. In this profile it runs through a 4/12 cabinet.
  5. Drive-Thru Speaker: have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you could plug your guitar into the drive-thru speaker system at your local fast food hamburger restaurant? This is it! It’s a great for break downs in songs that totally low-fi your guitar sound.
  6. K. Model is a profile I made of a vintage amp (Kay Model 703 1962) I used when I recorded with the late virtuoso blues harp player Jr. Wells. It has a perfect dirty Chicago blues sound that the Profiler profiled exactly!
  7. Marshall Studio 15 is an small combo amp I used on hundreds of sessions. It uses 6V6 output tubes and DC voltage on the tube filaments to keep AC hum at a minimum.
  8. Fender Rhodes Piano and The Zeppelin Rhodes 2 are profiles I created to emulate the sound of an electric piano using just an electric guitar.
  9. Kemper Banjo will transform your electric guitar into the sound of banjo! It’s great for single lines as well as finger picked chords.
  10. Electro is a 1962 Danelectro Twin Twelve 300 I have and the profile is very true. Only difference is the original physically rattles when its cranked!

The Amp Factory Rig Pack (November 2012)

This archive contains 31 additional rigs provided by The Amp Factory.

These rigs are included in the factory rig set of current firmware.

Rig Pack 04 (January 2013)

This archive contains 5 rigs tailored for acoustic guitars and 19 additional rigs demonstrating effects.

These rigs are included in the factory rig set of current firmware.

Keith Merrow Signature Rig Pack

Keith is a studio musician, guitar player, songwriter, producer, engineer and above all else: a tone enthusiast! He loves high gain amps and bone-crushing metal tones. The Kemper profiles he has created for this Rig Pack are engineered in his studio, and are exact copies of tones that he uses on a regular basis for recordings. Additionally Keith has visited his good friend Jeff Loomis and used the opportunity to also profile Jeff’s amp setup. [tylerhb] That rig has been done with a Torpedo (a reactive load and speaker sim). Follow the link, select Rig Packs as download category… and enjoy!

Gundy Keller Rigs (March 2013)

Renown guitarist Gundy Keller demonstrates how to recreate the sought after signature tones of famous guitar heroes in an ongoing series of videoclips using only the Kemper Profiler and its onboard possibilities.

Here you can download two rigs: the Brownsound of Eddie van Halen and the clean Sound of David Gilmour.

These rigs are already included in the factory rig set since firmware 2.0.0.

Legacy Factory Rigs 2012 (June 2013)

This archive contains 60 factory rigs no longer included in factory content since firmware 2.0.0.

Pitch Demo Rig Pack (June 2013)

21 rigs demonstrating the capabilities of our Pitch shifter effects.

These rigs are included in the factory content since firmware 2.0.0.

I've uploaded a few rigs I made for the 2013 Messe to the Rig Exchange. Here follow the descriptions/details:

  • Pitch Wide Fuzz Oct – A fuzz sound at heart (Noble Fuzz), it features a sub octave in front of the Stack and the MicroPitch for width after it. Play some Black Keys!
  • Pitch Vab Shimmer – A very clean sound. The octave up and the hall reverb duck out of the way of your notes and bloom when you sustain a note or chord. This rig uses the Smooth Chords feature. Basically it's better for chords (gasp!) at the expense of a little latency.
  • Pitch Mogue Mini – One octave down + two octaves up, an almost all wet signal with waveshaping and an envelope-driven low-pass filter – funky.
  • Pitch 2 Octave Crunch – The pitch shifter adds one octave above and one octave below the original signal, 41% wet. These three notes are than fed in to the mighty SD Converter and distorted. The result is a similar to a Doug Pinnick single note line. well, not really, but the idea is the same. Use it to 'embiggen' a single note line. Adding octaves above and below is pretty common with movie score string type sounds. As a note, I'm not really sure why I chose Harmonic Pitch here, Chromatic would have worked just fine.
  • Pitch Modes in E – This one is interesting: all notes you play generate a 'E' in the bass. This effectively gives you a 'backing' against which you can make the modes come alive. E lydian, E phrygian dominant, E superlocrian – It matters not, anything 'E' works. This was achieved through User scales:
* Step 0 = 0;
* Step 1 = -1;
* Step 2 = -2;
* Step 3 = -3;
* …
* for Step 10 I went the other way (+2);
* same for Step 11 (+1)

The Amp Factory Rig Pack II (June 2013)

Here is the next round of 28 the Amp Factory rigs.

These rigs are included in the factory rig set since firmware 2.0.0.

Gundy Keller Rigs (July 2013)

Again Gundy Keller demonstrates how to recreate signature tones of famous guitar heroes in a series of videoclips using the Kemper Profiler and its onboard capabilities. This package does include seven new rigs.

Bill Ruppert Rig Pack (July 2013)

Rigs from the Pure Tuning Video

  • P-Tone Maj Blues-C
  • P-Tone Major Pent-C
  • P-Tone 145

Rigs from the Formant Shift Video

  • Bass Transformer
  • Wah Formant Shift
  • Baritone Guitar
  • Pearce FS 8VA
  • Formant Shift Blend
  • Mu's Fuzz Bass

Extra Rig Pack Video Sounds

  • Holdsworthy
  • Kemper Cathedral
  • Space Toy
  • 1980's Pearce G1 2 Amp

Preamp Profiles Pack (August 2013)

We are sharing 25 preamp profiles. The preamp signals have been picked from the Send of the tube amps' effect loop connecting it with the Return of the Profiler. Such profiles should be played through tube amplifier and guitar cabinet. Instead of using a separate tube power amp you could also feed the signal into the Return of a tube amp's effect loop. In any case the cab simulation of the Profiler should stay activated, because it has an impact on the sound.

Ola Englund Signature Rig Pack (August 2013)

Ola Englund - guitar player in the bands Six Feet Under, The Haunted, and Feared - is sharing twelve Kemper Profiler rigs including two bass rigs he is using for demos and live occasions.

Lasse Lammert Signature Rig Pack (October 2013)

Lasse Lammert is an engineer from Luebeck, Germany, who is known for his distinct trademark guitar sounds, that manage to combine power, clarity, and aggression.

You most likely heard his work in one of his internationally successful productions or in one of the many clips on his Youtube channel.

Now he has compiled some of his trademark guitar tones in his very own Signature Rig Pack.

Various Rigs


This kemper Factory rig preset named - Sabbath is Custom Audio Electronics OD-100 with Fuchs w/ Celestion Anniversary.


What if... There's no Rig Loaded ?

If you delete all profiles from your Profiler and start it up, there is a default profile which loads called... Initialized Rig.