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The amps are listed in alphabetical order.


If your are looking for Dumble sounds:

  • tweak a bit the Fuchs profiles from Peter Fischer in the factory set;
  • check the Black Goop session from Mats Nemark;
  • check the 1978 Dumble profiles on the Rig Exchange.

Fender Blackface Deluxe ‘69

It's in the box! One of the new Amp Factory profile is called Teeny Tiny Feet or something like that (I believe they are all prefixed TAF). It’s a whacked out profile with a bunch of effects on, bypass them all and you'll find a sweet sounding '69 Deluxe profile with a gain range usable over the full sweep! A great many clean profiles don't translate to dirt very well but this one is a huge exception. Not sure if it was profiled dirty or with a stomp and then the gain backed down, but its sounds different than the Amp Factory Pack 1 Deluxe profiles (also very, very good) and is one of the better (if not best, certainly the most versatile) Blackface Deluxe profiles I've tried.


Turned everything OFF, except the Compressor, sounds great. Agree about the gain sweep on this one, starts off at Zero, sounds great as you turn it up, I'm digging the gain on about 4 or 5 right now using a Tele. The Stereo Widener also sounds great when turned on.


Fender Princeton

For a Princeton sound my favourite stack profile is the Little Pop Prince, chorus disabled, Green Scream on 1.4 Drive, -0.9 Tone, +1.3 Volume. With my Strat it's just like being back in the dorm room with my roommates' old Princeton.



The first time I'm really enjoying my Marshall profiles is now that I found the cab with Greenbacks (I think it came with the Siggi Mehl profiles)... what a difference!

A: I was lucky enough to find out about that cab the first day I got my Profiler, because I updated the Firmware which contained the Siggi Mehl amps and those cabs. I was always a lover of vintage Greenbacks and even before I got the Profiler I had done a bit of research and found those cabs mentioned in the "amp and cabs reference list". So I already knew where to look and changed every Marshall profile to this cab. And it is still blowing me away because it is a perfect example of a great vintage Greenback cab. I was chasing this sound since I started to play guitar in the 80s. I did use a '68 Plexi stack back then which my school owned but being a kid I didn't have any clue of what I had and of course I had to give the rig back when I left school. But this sound is just etched into my brain. And you just can't get it from current production Marshalls. Although they are very good and Marshall really cares nowadays there is still something missing that you get from those old speakers and cabs.

Save the Siggi Mehl cab, it's a Greenback 25. Lock the cab, browse through Marshall profiles, awesome.

The 4x12 Blackbacks by Baldis 03 is also nice. Different, but also nice. That's the other one mandatory for vintage Marshall sound. The cab is probably Markus Wienstroers’ as I know he owns one.