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Various accessories are available to protect and enhance the Kemper Profiler

Cases and Bags

Transporting your valuable Kemper a protective case or bag would be advisable. Several options are available. For Kemper size specification see Dimensions.

Head Version

Hard Case

Soft Bag

Rack Version

Fits into standard 19 inch 3 RU rack or case.

USB Memory Sticks

Any empty USB memory stick could be used to transfer files from your Computer to the Kemper Profiler and vice versa. When you connect a USB stick for the first time, the Kemper Profiler will format it to ensure maximum reliability.

A low profile USB stick minimises the risk of breaking it while transporting the Kemper with the stick inserted.

Here is an article about how to use a standard USB lock in order to protect your precious rigs and presets.This announcement



To switch rigs or effects and control volume, wah and other parameters remotely various switches and pedals can be connected to the Kemper.

Analog Switches

Dual switch wiring diagram

Two 1/4 inch TRS 'stereo' connectors are available to connect single or dual switches. They are located on the back labelled "SWITCH/PEDAL". Most traditional amp foot switches can't be used because they are latching switches. Momentary switches are required instead. Configuration of the switches is done in the System menu - page 4.

  • A popular switch is the BOSS FS-6 Dual Foot Switch.
  • For DIY solutions see wiring diagram. Mind the position of the switches and wire them correctly for right switch 'UP' function.

Expression Pedals

Alternatively the "SWITCH/PEDAL" connectors could be used for one or two expression pedals.

MIDI Controllers

The Kemper features standard MIDI connectors to plug in MIDI foot switches. Functionality depends largely on the configuration of the switches. See Profiler MIDI page for Kemper MIDI commands. A selection of MIDI controllers and how they operate with the Kemper Profiler can be found on the page Using Specific MIDI Controllers

Wireless MIDI

There are several wireless MIDI systems on the market, most of them are quite expensive, but there are also a few models that offer a good value for money.

  • pandaMidi midiBeam converts almost any MIDI footswitch to a wireless controller. By using two pairs of the midiBeam it's possible to set up a bi-directional communication [1].


Several attempts have been made to change the look of the Kemper. Here are a few examples:


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