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This site contains LOTS of info. See the Site Map or sidebar to the left to quickly find your way.

What is the Kemper Profiler?

The Kemper Profiler is an electronic device which, when properly connected to an amplifier, is able to acquire its tonal and dynamic characteristics. These are then stored into a small (about 4 kB) file, which describes the "DNA" of the amp. This operation is called profiling. Once created a profile, the Profiler can be used as any preamp, and is able to sound exactly like the amp at the settings it has been profiled. This is great news in itself, but the Profiler is able to host several hundreds of profiles in its memory and, in general, to load an unlimited number of different profiles. This gives the user access to thousands of different, even rare or unique amps.

The Profiler provides a sound and feel never seen before in digital guitar amp simulations. There are many resources (free and commercial) to get profiles of many famous and rare tube amps. So it's not only for those who want to profile their own amps.

Currently there are 5 incarnations of the Kemper Profiler hardware in total:

What kind of information will you find here?

Content of the Day We will help you to find your way through the mountains and forests of profiles already available or to learn how to profile your own amps. We will help you from your first steps with the Kemper Profiler to the most hidden and complicated features of this device. See the navigation on the left side of this page to find the main sections of our content.

Lots of great examples of Profiler usage for your pleasure and inspiration. Go have some fun.

You are welcome to contribute!

The wiKPA website is a 100% Kemper Profiler community effort and everybody is welcome to contribute to this growing resource. Let's make this Wiki a success, with our own hands. If you plan to contribute on a regular basis, please consider to register so you get your own user name and get access to more advanced editing and contribution features. It's for free, of course, and it's quickly done.

You are afraid of editing in a Wiki? Never contributed to Wikipedia? Don't worry, you can't do any harm to this resource. Nothing will be lost if you ever make a mistake. A Wiki is a very powerful system to provide and manage content. And if you need help, you will get all the help you need, promised. The Kemper Profiler community is a very nice and helpful crowd, you'll be surprised if you don't already know.

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