Line6 PodHD Patch Demo

by MeAmBobbo

I can't take tone requests right now but will answer questions or give personalized advice via email to donors.

For some general guidelines on how to use the Pod HD and dial in patches similar to those below, please see my Pod HD tone guide.

Download Setlist with all Patches

Some patches may be slightly out-of-date. For my most recent patches, see here. Notice the dates on the end of the files for versioning.

Classic Metal

Randy Rhoads
Blizzard of Oz .h5e
Sweet Child 'o Mine .h5e
Welcome to the Jungle .h5e
...And Justice for All .h5e
Black Album .h5e
Dimebag Darrell
Vulgar Display of Power .h5e
Reinventing the Steel .h5e
United Abominations .h5e
Th1rt3en .h5e


Eddie Van Halen
VHI - Brown Sound .h5e
VHI w/ Flanger .h5e
VHIII/Modern .h5e
John Petrucci
A Dramatic Turn of Events Rhythm .h5e
Mark IV Shred Lead .h5e
Mark IIC+ Singing Lead .h5e
Recto Rhythm .h5e
Recto Lead .h5e
Steve Vai
Fire Garden Lead .h5e
Fire Garden Lead w/ Flanger .h5e
Whammy/Octaver .h5e
Harmonizer .h5e
Joe Satriani
Is There Love in Space? .h5e
Surfing with the Alien .h5e
Surfing with the Alien Chorus .h5e
Fuzz/Octave .h5e

Modern Metal

Lamb of God
Ashes of the Wake .h5e
As I Lay Dying
The Powerless Rise .h5e
Killswitch Engage
The End of Heartache .h5e
God Forbid
Determination .h5e
Deliverance .h5e
Chaosphere .h5e
Obzen .h5e
Thordendal Lead .h5e
Misha Rhythm .h5e
Misha Lead .h5e
Scar Symmetry
Dark Matter Dimensions .h5e


John Petrucci
Clean .h5e
Steve Vai
Spanking Clean .h5e
Joe Satriani
Until We Say Goodbye .h5e
Chimp Spanner
Ambient Clean .h5e
Clean .h5e
Clean .h5e


MeAmBobbo/Ola Englund
Modified HJob Patch .h5e
Modified HJob Patch 2 .h5e
meamRecto .h5e
Just Shred .h5e

Older Demos

Here are some very basic, older demos.
Older Demo
Even Older Demo
Oldest Demo