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XIV. Change Log


Added some new favorite dual cab combos based on mixing Uber and XXL 4x12's.


Updated the .docx and .pdf versions


Added some
incredible EQ frequency/gain analysis pics by pfSmith0 on the EQ page.


Added the /pdf version of the dual cab/mic latency-matching (phase correction) spreadsheet. Big ups to ya boy trip guitar on SSO for making it available to the community.


Revised Dual Cabs Spreadsheet and the dual cabs section to be more readable and accurate.

Added % to HZ translation for the Q Filter.


Added a nut section to the Guitar Setup page, as well as other changes inspired and influenced by my local tech, Benjamin Strange, who recently custom made a bone nut for my RGA 8 to replace the problematic stock locking nut.

Added an Effects page to handle some common tips on preferred effects and tips to dial them in.

Added a Q Filter section to the EQ page.


Made a bunch of changes to the Cabs/Mics page. Added Brit T75 cab description. Added graphic displays of subjective cab properties (loose/tight, vintage/modern, dark/bright, etc.). For each cab and mic description, I now address how it works for dual cabs as well as single cab usage - the way it sounded before is that a lot of cabs and mics I had written off completely, yet I find them awesome when used in conjunction with a complementary cab/mic. Made some changes to the dual cab section to hopefully better simplify how to dial them in, and made some corrections to EQ treatment. Updated my favorites list of dual cabs.


Added the new 2.1 amp models and slightly revised the Distortion effects sections on the amp page. Added E.R. tricks to dual cabs section and updated favorite dual cab combinations.


Added use of amps with different gain levels to dual amps section.


Altered the CSS and page format. Added guitarist pictures and logo. I am now selling ad-space for interested buyers.

Added a quirks section to the quick guide. Added massive research to the dual cabs section, with spreadsheets allowing for phase correction on basically any combination of cab/mic pairs. Added a patch leveling section. Updated action and single-coil vs. humbuckers sections to reflect the technical responsibility for the tonal changes, as brought to my attention by ozbadman on the Line 6 forums.


Added a FAQ and Links page.


Changed the Gain Staging section, to better illustrate the principles and practices.


Changed the Input Settings section, to reflect that I'm almost always using Input 2: Variax now. Also, made it one of my top ten tweaks.


Reorganized entire site. Dialing in a Patch page is divided up into Amp/Distortion Tone page, Cab/Mic page, and Tips and Pitfalls page. Odds and Ends page has mostly been moved to Tips and Pitfalls. Cheat Sheet has been mostly turned into the Quick Guide page, but it is mostly overhauled. Hookup and Setup pages have been merged into Setup page.

Various edits have been made to keep everything up to date. Cab DEP's have more info. Some cab/mic favorites and descriptions have changed.

Distortion Effects now have their own section in the Amp/Distortion Tone page.

Old version available here.


.doc and .pdf versions updated.


Changed the look and feel of the site. Moved a few sections around and made various edits.


Changed the amp DEP's and Uber sections to document a strange, faint, digital-sounding ghost signal that emerged when moving Hum upward from 50% on the Uber model.

Updated the fake Mesa/Boogie Mark tones section to reflect latest successes. I think this will be the last time this gets changed 8-)


Revised the WishList page a little.


Added a systematic diagnosis and prescription process to eliminating unwanted clipping in the troubleshooting clipping section. Slightly modified the clipping section on the setup page.


Added a power amp DEP's section outside of the cheat sheet.

Overhaul to EQ page, especially the effects section. This is due to some research on EQ's I never bothered to figure out how to use by Matt Mayfield.


Pod HD 2.0 firmware is here! Updated the amps page to include the Plexi. Added a cab DEP's section.

Updated Input Settings section to get rid of "Input 2: None" references, which is a little confusing. I was referring to using Variax, Mic, or Aux input when nothing is connected to it.


Updated .doc and .pdf versions, accessible from the home page. Fixed an error regarding how the Bias DEP works in the Cheat Sheet section.


Major overhaul to dual cab section, describing how to setup, achieve phase correction, EQ, and manage DSP for dual cab patches.

CSS background changes.


Major overhauls to the cab/mic section. I am now mainly using the Hiway 4x12 as my main cab sim. I also moved information about using cabs for live purposes to its own section, and modified the dual cab section to be a little more informative about IR's and reflect the new cab/mic selections I'm using.


Added section on wet/dry output to odds and ends page.


Changed CSS. Should be easier to read and look better on mobile devices.

Added section on dual outputs to odds and ends page and linked to it on hookup page.

Added some footswitch mode and bank change switch options to the wishlist.


Moved output mode section to Hookup page and revised it.


Created Wishlist page with my favorite recommended feature requests for the Pod HD firmware updates.


Change Log added. I've made a bunch of updates this month, so I'll try to recap my changes.

Guide converted from .doc/.pdf to web version. .doc/.pdf versions are updated and accessible via Contents page; however, they are not completely update (currently missing input/output routing section). Also, 3 sets of contents for easier navigation.

String gauge section now has links to Petrucci's website for string gauge recommendations and a link to the string tension applet with text input used for my guitars. Added fret buzz and intonation sections to guitar setup. Added link to Ola Englund's video comparing various Seymour Duncan pickups to illustrate the differences pickup frequency response have on distortion tone in the pickups frequency response section. Also added pickups suggestions section.

Added I tried this and it doesn't sound good section to Pod hookup page.

Added Clarifying Confusing Volume Controls, Myths Regarding Input/Output Settings, gain staging, How do I set up my Tech 21 power engine, and Input/Output Routing sections to Pod setup page. Also added impedance input options to input settings section.

On the Dialing in a Patch page, added subsections to the getting the right distortion section. Combined cab and mic selection sections and created various sub-sections for easier flow and navigation. Added dual cab section, demonstrating my technique of using dual cabs to get the highest quality direct tone from the Pod. Added The Illusive Pure Clean Tone, Clean Boost, and Noise Gates sections. (Clean boost was formerly on the setup page)

On the amps page, updated all of the info to try to organize each amp for the following: general tone and feel (naming artists that it could emulate well), general tips on how to dial in the amp, quirks for certain controls, and how the DEP's affect the tone. I also disavowed use of the Elekrik completely.

Added a Cheat Sheet page useful for quick hints without having to read through the whole guide. Note: I have been updating the fake Mesa/Boogie Mark section pretty much all month. The current text reflects my latest success.

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